Climbers Flock to UK

Climbing is an activity that challenges both the mind, and the body. Climbers choose this activity because it allows them to stay in shape, and to conquer some of the most challenging peaks in the entire world. The UK offers plenty of opportunities for this type of adventure. Switzerland is one of the most popular travel destinations in the entire UK, and climbers visit this place to experience new adventures. Swiss rock climbing, for example, is rooted in the culture. Local guided provide the experience of a lifetime for climbers of all skill levels. The key is to pinpoint which type of climbing suits your specific skill set. The three main Swiss climbing destinations are the Jua Mountains, Western Swiss Alps, and the Eastern Swiss Alps.

The Jura Mountains are a small range located in northern Switzerland. they separate the Rhine and Rhone rivers, and the region extends from Lake Geneva into Germany and France. Most of the rock climbing here takes place on limestone rock formations. Additionally, there are some granite rock climbing opportunities as well. Both multi and single pitch sport climbing routes are available. Cams and nuts are required for routes that are not bolted. Most of the climbing in the Jura Mountains is done at a lower altitude. This makes it eh ideal choice when the weather is bad.

Those who seek a real UK climbing adventure should try the Western Swiss Alps. They are divided by the Rhine River, and they form the Eastern and Western Alps. This is generally considered to be the largest rock climbing formation in the region. There are many bolted single pitch rock formations for experienced climbers to choose from. Traditional multi pitch routes consist of limestone, and some of the routes require trad gear such as cams and nuts.

Many climbers come to Switzerland to experience the wonderful Eastern Swiss Alps. The best time to visit this climbing region is during the summer months. This high altitude area causes problems for inexperienced climbers, which is another reason why the summer time is the best time to book a trip. The Schweiz Plaisir Ost is a comprehensive guide book that people use for this climbing area. It provides the best routes for climbers of various skill levels. Hire a guide to plan the best trip possible. Visit Switzerland to achieve the ultimate climbing experience, and you will create lasting memories.